Encoders in Robotics

September 20, 2022

Encoders are fundamental by nature to robotics motion control as they provide accurate and precise feedback about angle, position, and speed. The robotics industry has grown steadily in the past decade as more industries move towards automation. Often used to perform tasks considered too dangerous for humans or repetitive tasks...

Heidenhain Encoder Replacement

January 13, 2022

Quantum Devices can provide drop-in replacements for many Heidenhain encoders and we've provided a list of model numbers. Why replace Heidenhain encoders with Quantum Devices? We're cost competitive, able to provide application-specific encoders for OEMs, and offer free samples for qualified projects.

Interview with a Manufacturing Process Engineer

December 6, 2021

Samantha Lundt has worked as Quantum Devices’ Manufacturing Process Engineer for 5 years. Her primary duties include overseeing the company’s semiconductor cleanroom processes, which are currently undergoing an upgrade to support larger silicon wafers.

QML35 Rotary Encoder Replaces RENCO RCML15

May 13, 2021

Featured in Cision | PR Web Since being absorbed by Heidenhain, RENCO has eliminated many of their encoder products. The most recent model discontinued is their RCML15 rotary encoder, a slim and lightweight commutating encoder popular among motor designers and used in a multitude of industries. To help fill the...

Custom Optical Encoders for OEMs

April 12, 2021

For many OEM equipment manufacturers who need encoders to provide feedback for the motion control section of their equipment, finding an incremental encoder manufacturer willing to partner with them and provide application-specific products can be a real challenge. Quantum Devices, a vertically-integrated incremental optical encoder manufacturer, thrives on OEM special...

QM22 Encoder Small in Size Yet Sports Big Commutation Device

October 20, 2020

Quantum Devices’ QM22 encoder is a high-performance modular encoder that offers something unusual for an encoder of such a small diameter—a commutation device. This 22mm encoder—sized barely bigger than your fingertips—is also competitively priced and designed for high volume OEM applications due to a design that works harder with a...

Quantum Devices Introduces Highly Robust Encoder

September 2, 2020

Quantum Devices, Inc. develops QR145 Optical Rotary Encoder that stands up to harsher environments at advantageous OEM volume prices. Quantum’s QR145 Optical Rotary Encoder/IP66 option is a fully enclosed encoder that overcomes cost and performance limitations of other fully enclosed encoders, whether of magnetic or traditional mechanical design. This new...

Incremental Encoders for Research and Development and Prototyping

May 21, 2020

Quantum Devices, Inc. Introduces NEW Quick Product Configurator (QPC) and Custom Product Development Service to Facilitate Rapid Motion Control Application Development Featured in Cision | PR Web A premier incremental encoder supplier to OEMs with high accuracy motion control requirements, Quantum’s QPC encoder configurator allows motion control application developers to...

Quantum Devices Celebrates 30 Years of US Made Incremental Encoders

April 9, 2020

Featured in Cision | PR Web

For OEMs whose equipment uses incremental optical encoders to manage AC/DC motors, working with a supplier with leading edge technology and US only based production has proven to be a winning strategy. Consistent product innovations over the past 30 years have allowed these OEMs...

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