Incremental Optical Rotary Encoders – Up-to-date Technical Information to Keep Customers in the Loop

As a developer and supplier of state-of-the art Incremental Optical Rotary Encoders, Quantum Devices is continually investigating new technological approaches that have the potential to improve accuracy, response times and other criteria related to our products’ performance. Our small footprint, high functionality incremental encoder offering provides many features that result from technology that has been developed in house.

Our development team is also continually reviewing individual applications to better understand how customers want to implement miniature optical incremental encoders so that new designs can be based on industry and application specific Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements.

As a supplier of incremental encoders to high volume equipment manufacturers, Quantum Devices product development teams are keenly aware of the importance of simplified and error-free assembly processes. They have developed unique tools to program the products to provide correct timing signals to a broad variety of BLDC motors.

This section of our site is dedicated to providing basic design characteristics and benefits of our products, ongoing technical information about the evolving technology our company is developing for its clients, successful incremental encoder applications, product assembly and maintenance best practices and any other topics that may be relevant to the implementation of our incremental encoders.

We hope the following articles will be of use to you and welcome any feedback or product related comments or questions you may have.

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