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Quantum Devices, a United States based encoder manufacturer, designs and manufactures high quality, high performance incremental optical rotary encoders for a multitude of industries and applications.

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OEM Encoder Solutions

We partner with OEM equipment manufacturers to provide application-specific encoders for servo motors, robotics and many other applications. We can accommodate special design requests and deliver custom solutions that add value to your equipment and automation systems.

Learn why Quantum Devices is uniquely positioned to provide OEM encoder solutions for your most challenging application:

OEM Encoders

Encoders for Every Market

Our high-performing encoders offer numerous configurations to meet a broad range of motion control requirements in manufacturing, simulation, printing and more. From medical labs to warehouse distribution centers, Quantum Devices encoders are used by some of the world’s largest companies.

Encoder Applications

Don’t see what you need in the specs? We can make it happen. We also manufacture custom photodiodes.

Encoder Manufacturer, Optical Encoder Manufacturer

Buy Online – 48 Hour Turnaround

We offer a limited selection of encoders for sale online as a convenience for engineers and prototypers who need encoders with fast lead times for project development.

Encoder Store

For high-volume orders, please contact us directly.

Free Samples for Qualified Projects

Quantum Devices offers free encoder product samples on a case-by-case basis. Our prototype sample encoders are manufactured to the same standards as our production units.

Please contact us to share your project and request samples for research and testing.

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Encoder Manufacturer, Optical Encoder Manufacturer

Si Photodiodes

Quantum Devices has its roots in manufacturing silicon photodiodes. From online schematics to custom packaging for simplified assembly, we can supply all your electro-optical component needs.

Learn more about our photodiode manufacturing capabilities:


Singular Encoder Supplier

Unlike most encoder suppliers, Quantum Devices is a nimble and vertically integrated manufacturer. We pride ourselves on unmatched responsiveness to customer needs, including requests for custom-designed encoders.

Whether the encoder you need got obsoleted or doesn’t exist yet, we can help.

Looking for a RENCO replacement?

We can help you replace RCML15, R35i, R22i, or other RENCO encoders, in addition to many other brands of rotary encoders.

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Find an Optical Encoder Distributor!

Quantum Devices is a leading manufacturer of optical encoders and silicon photodiodes. We have distributors all over the world.

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Made in the USA

All of our products are proudly manufactured at our headquarters in Barneveld, Wisconsin.

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