Ladder Logic to Decode Direction from an Optical Encoder

April 15, 2014

I set up a QR145 optical encoder on a Direct Logic DL06 PLC with some simple Ladder Logic to determine direction based on the A and B incremental inputs. Below is a video of the optical encoder in action: In the PLC I used (DL06), the inputs are filtered, which...

How to Time Optical Encoder Commutation Channels to a BLDC Motor

March 17, 2014

Optical Encoder Brushless DC Motor Timing Using Back EMF The optical encoders we work with have a set of three Commutation tracks (U,V,W) which correspond to the three phases of the motor (R,S,T). Alignment of the optical encoder commutation signals to a BLDC motor could be thought of as being...

Reduce Electrical Noise in Rotary Incremental Encoders with Termination Resistors

June 10, 2013

Since most electronics are set up to have high input impedance, in some situations the addition of a loading or “termination” resistor can help to reduce interference from electrical noise. This can be of particular help when implementing an incremental encoder where there is a long cable run. If the...

Interfacing to 26C31 Line Drivers in QDI Rotary Encoders

March 2, 2013

Encoder Electrical Structure The internal electrical structure of the QDI series of encoders consists of a photo interrupted light source that is picked up by a common mode photo detector array. “Common mode” means that there are two channels that are at exact opposite states in any position. The advantage...

Preferred Wiring Methods for Optical Encoders

February 26, 2013

Following these guidelines will reduce the possibility of noise, false counts, ground loops, and other power related problems. Keep cable lengths as short as possible The longer the cable length, the more likely it is to act as an antenna and pick up unwanted noise. Keeping the lengths short reduces...

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