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QML35 EZ-Comm Optical Rotary Encoder

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About QML35 EZ-Comm Optical Rotary Encoder

The Quantum Devices EZ-Comm system is the fastest and most economical way to align an optical encoder’s commutation channels to a motor. EZ-Comm was designed as a programmable encoder to reduce assembly cost for high volume manufacturing. By eliminating multiple steps from the typical timing of an encoder and motor, EZ-Comm saves manufacturing time and reduces assembly cost. EZ-Comm is integrated into the high performance, low profile modular design of the QML35. QML35 EZ-Comm optical rotary encoder is ideal for high volume OEM applications and priced competitively for all sizes of motion control projects. As simple as a push of a button, EZ-Comm is the newest and simplest way to commutate your BLDC motors.

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Design Features:

  • Programmable commutation
  • Single-ended outputs
  • Bearingless modular design
  • Low profile assembled height of 0.43"
  • Resolutions up to 5000 lines per revolution
  • 4, 6, 8, 10 or 14 pole commutation
  • Easy lock-n-twist assembly feature
  • Through bore sizes up to 0.375" diameter
  • Up to 675 khz frequency response
  • High noise immunity
  • RoHS construction
  • Hub to shaft uses two #3-48 set screws
  • Hermetically sealed LED
  • Multiple mounting options including resolver size 15

Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage 5 VDC ± 5%
Input Current Requirements 65 mA typical, 100 mA max plus interface loads
Input Ripple 2% peak to peak @ 5 VDC
Output Circuits Single-ended TTL, sink or source 4 mA max (compatible with Renco PP option)
Incremental Output Format Quadrature with A leading B for CCW rotation viewed from the encoder top
Max Operating Frequency < 5000 PPR = 500 kHz or 15,000 RPM
5000 PPR – 7999 PPR = 675 kHz
1000LC-10P, 1024LC-10P, 2000LC-10P, 2048-10P and 2048LC-14P = 7000 RPM
Commutation Format Three phase 4, 6, 8, 10 or 14 poles (other pole counts upon request)
Commutation Accuracy (UVW) See Specification Sheet
Interpolation Factors 1000/1024 PPR = 2x
2000/2048 PPR = 4x
2500 PPR = 5x
4000/4096PPR = 8x
5000 = 10x

Environmental Specifications

Storage Temperature -40 to 125°C
Operating Temperature -30 to 115°C
IP Rating IP40
Humidity 90% non-condensing
Vibration 20 g's @ 25 to 2,000 Hz
Shock 100 g's @ 6ms duration

Mechanical Specifications

Bore Minimum Diameter Bore size +0.0002"
Recommended Shaft Tolerance +0.0000/-0.0005"
Minimum Shaft Engagement 0.400" [10.2 mm]
Allowable Shaft Runout 0.002" [0.05 mm] TIR (± 0.001" shaft radial play from initial shaft position of assembled encoder)
Allowable Axial Shaft Movement ±0.010" [±0.25 mm]
Mounting A = 1.280" bolt circle/size 15 resolver
B = 1.812" bolt circle
Dynamic Commutation Adjustment Range 30° mechanical
Moment of Inertia 8.0 x 10⁻⁶ oz·in·s²
Info & Pricing

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More Information & Pricing

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